AND AND AND actions in Kassel during Documenta
AND AND AND actions in Kassel before Documenta
AND AND AND actions before Documenta


the activation of a field / fields of (in)activities

PLANE C During the 100 days of dOCUMENTA (13), AND AND AND will be hosting and organizing an open and experimental public program with artists, activists, farmers, students, thinkers, residents, and visitors from Kassel and beyond. This program will interweave philosophical, poetical, political, practical, pedagogical, psychical, and physical zones of inquiry in one space/time. It is grounded in a conviction that, today, all fields of human activity must critically re-examine the values, assumptions, and modalities of doing.

- How do contemporary distributions of roles and competencies reproduce, every day, systems which are creating immense harm, inequality, and destroying the common bases of life?

- How to instead produce cultures of the common(s)?

- What kinds of refusals and revocations are called for?

- What practices could engender and support non-capitalist life?

All of the conversations, learn-ins, un-workshops, and other in-activities which take as their horizon these three notions—common(s), revocation, non-capitalist life—are informed and anchored by the previous interventions, situations, and occurrences which took shape on PLANES A & B.
PLANE B commoning in kassel

commoning in kassel
Brief 1
Brief 2

* Commoning is an action not an object. It indicates that there is something to be done together. It also indicates that the common(s) is what is produced in struggle, through the emergence of new social relations and practices. What ideas and projects can we imagine initiating and taking part in, in Kassel and elsewhere which link to the growing struggles for the common(s). How can we find our allies, friends, in the city and beyond?

PLANE A AND AND AND is an artist run initiative, which has used the time between 2010 and dOCUMENTA (13) in 2012 to consider with individuals and groups across the world the role art and culture can play today and the constituent publics or communities which could be addressed. The series of interventions, situations, and occurrences entitled AND AND AND are part of dOCUMENTA (13) and compose a map of emergent positions, concerns, and possible points of solidarity.


a coming community
PLANE C kassel commoners and invited contributors and you?
PLANE B kassel commoners (artists and students and activists and researchers and cooks and farmers and whatever singularities from kassel region)
PLANE A events, situations, intervetions, research ...

16 Beaver Group and
François Bucher and Pedro Lasch / TTGG and Vladimir Volnovik and
Lu Cafausu and Oumayma Khaled and Ashley Hunt and Taisha Paggett and Federico Zukerfeld and Loreto Garin Guzmán and Commoning in Kassel and Rheim Alkadhi and Bik Van der Pol and Jan van de Pavert and Jakob Jakobsen and Lamia Joreige and
Emma Hedditch


ideas, questions, processes
PLANE C Un-Workshops, Revocational In-activities, Un-learn-ins:

Asking and Seeing and Seeding and Hacking and Dancing and Walking and Moving and Caring and Commoning and Healing and Resting and Resisting and Dreaming and Tasting and Communizing and Cooking and Baking and Sprouting and Planting and Scavanging and Composting and Permaculturing and Sewing and Discoursing and Feeling and Printing and Proposing and Propogandizing and Manifesting and Militating and Writing and Storytelling and Translating and Listening and Defacebooking and Decolonizing and (de)Constructing and Singing and Striking
PLANE B make use, put into play, local experiments, lines of flight
PLANE A questions and responses



What is it that we are capable of sharing and can we construct a common space or a common time for thinking about common concerns?


This term means to introduce critical relations to existing forms of thinking, working, acting, doing, and living.


Why is it easier to imagine the destruction of the planet than an end to Capitalism? Can we explore together the potential for non-capitalist life? What does it look like, sound like, feel like, move like, taste like?


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One Hundred
Day / Night

What happened during d(13)
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All week
(times approximate)
Ottoneum Tea Garden

Every day (if it is not raining) the Tea Garden at the Ottoneum is open for herbal tea, informal meetings and conversations:

Food Kiosk
(Aue Park)
Sunday Mornings: Conversation Series addressing Food and Ecology and other subjects relating to Commons, Revocation, Non-Capitalist Life

Overview / Sketch


One Hundred
Day / Night
what happens during d(13)
(electronic version coming soon)
Two Year
what happened between 2010-2012


PLANE C & B Kassel:    
  Turnhalle (common space for events, situations, un-workshops, …)and
Ottoneum (non-capitalistic herbal tea garden) and Karlsaue Park (solidarity economy organic food kiosk) and
  Huttenplatz (urban garden) and The Villa Commune(artist residency) and Hafenstrasse (urban garden) and
  Mobile Kitchen and Kindergarten Initiative and Josef Fischer-Strasse (urban garden) and
Some Cities:

Detroit and
Marcahuasi and Yerevan and www and Tbilisi and San Cesario di Lecce and Istanbul and Tunis and Occupied Wall Street and Houston and Buenos Aires and Carbondale and Kassel and Iowa City and Amman and Rotterdam and London and Beirut