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16 Beaver & d(13) 2010-2012 (NY)
Commoning Times 2013 (Salento) (NY)
" 2014 (London) (Utrecht) (Salento) (Stockholm) (Darmstadt) (Vienna) (Venice) (NY)
" & SFP* 2015 (Berlin) (Istanbul) (Caucasus) (NY)
... 2016 (Salento) (Caucasus) (NY) (Tuscania)
2017 (Salento) (Caucasus) (NY) (Rome) (Tuscania) (Venice)
" & CMP 2018 (Salento) (Palestine) (Caucasus) (NY)
" & DS 2019 (Salento) (Palestine) (Caucasus)
16 Beaver & SFV* 2020 (New York) (Online)
SFP* = Society of the Friends of Parrhesia
SFP* = Society of the Friends of the Virus


the activation of a field / fields of (dis)activities


The Transversity

It is an experiment that, so far, has no end and no clear beginning, it is closer to a process of formulation, or formation, a becoming. The terms of it remain purposefully minimal and opaque, for reasons that are all too clear. That is, the clarity itself of any 'program' is also its capacity to be eaten before it is born. It is a vulnerable process because it is porous. But some of our earlier 'communications' have outlined some idea of what it could be.

In this moment of limbo, we have put our energies with the friends at 16 Beaver and Centre Parrhesia. Please see the links above.

This summer, we are trying to understand (given the circumstances) we whether will be able to convene, where, how. If you are interested, you can write to transversity - then put the at sign - andandand.org

  AND AND AND is an artist run initiative, which attempts to gather and knit together a constellation and concatenation of different groups, experiences, situations, places. It is a movement toward the autonomy of art from capitalist control (thus also wresting it out of its many enclosures) and its inherited colonial and patriarchal values. It names and conjoins a research which has been initiated and shared over a period of 20 years in different contexts and continents.


a coming community (related: fragment on the idea of pending)


ideas, questions, processes
  Un-Workshops, Revocational In-activities, Un-learn-ins:

Asking and Seeing and Seeding and and Sensing Hacking and Dancing and Walking and Moving and Caring and Commoning and Healing and Resting and Resisting and Dreaming and Tasting and Communizing and Cooking and Baking and Sprouting and Planting and Scavanging and Composting and Permaculturing and Sewing and Discoursing and Feeling and Printing and Proposing and Propogandizing and Manifesting and Militating and Writing and Storytelling and Translating and Listening and Defacebooking and Decolonizing and (de)Constructing and Singing and Striking
  make use, put-into-play, communize, experiment, deterritorialize, profane, destitute


to join our mailing list write to common-join "at" andandand.org
if you would like to contact us, write to pr "at" andandand.org

June 1-23

To join us this year ----> write to transversity "at" andandand.org



Some Situations / Contexts
Salento San Cesario di Lecce La Casa Cafausica  
Caucasus New Julfa x x x x x  
Palestine Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Haifa De-School  
New York New York 16 Beaver Group  



At the base it is a question concerning our means of reproduction, both material and immaterial. Common(s) as the basis of our existence with all living things. How to reclaim ways, customs, processes, practices, ideas, experiences, struggles, senses for/through/of common(s)? Common(s) precedes and defies appropriation, thus property, whether public or private. How to reclaim practices of use and care, its production and reproduction rather than the reigning logic of ownership and appropriation, extraction and exploitation of the common(s)?

fragment on revocation

At the base is a question whether there is a particular vocation for the human? If the category of work is what has subsumed, colonized, and instrumentalized the basic capacities, imaginaries, potentialities of humans, what kind of practices and processes are revoking and refusing the predetermined modes of doing, thinking, acting?


One could say that life itself is not capitalist. But if capital and money are first and foremost the dominant form of social relation, what are the social relations which lie outside this dominant form. To say anti-capitalist limits the scope because it remains only in the process of antagonism. But there are forms of relations and forms of life which have and continue to escape the hegemony of capitalist relations. Our gay science is oriented toward linking to, enhancing and reinventing these forms of life.


Maybe this is the greatest research of all, a life which cannot be separated from its form, an intellectuality that reclaims its ethical vocation (namely, how to live and how to live together) and quite possibly what one could call, an art of existence.